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A Wanderful Visit To Lapland The North Of Finland !!! And Here The Amazing Things That You Will Find There ......

As short breaks go, a pre-Christmas package for Lapland is very short, just shy of 36 hours, but the lack of sleep time and the go-go-go nature of travel seems much longer given time.

This is not a trip for the shopaholic; There is a trip to the animal night party, wedding shower party.

Make sure there is Sunway Air from Cork airport on December 17th at 4 pm - not long before the fun was beginning at the beginning of an unforgettable trip in a winter wonderland so south unsurpassed.

There was not much sleep, even the possibility of a little nap on the way, because this is an  Aer Lingus flight would be, like any other, where the cabin crew was taken to the Christmas trip spirit and had to go party.

For the vast majority of a group of 200, the journey of a lifetime was.

Yes, there were sobs; For example, found a few family groups of four difficult to understand that the rooms of the Scandic Hotel no more than three can be accommodated in comfort.

Complaints were justified but these people did not have it on the rest of the way.

Simply, this trip north of Santa in the coming weeks to see Christmas to be one of the great travel experiences.

Ireland is not in the Arctic Circle, guaranteed snow, sleds, reindeer or elves. In addition, the real man of the moment.

It was the whole plan in ungodly hours aboard a real challenge.

Accompanied by  grandson  the already decided that his mission would travel fill lit snow on my neck, began to sing about 90 minutes of flight.

"Katy Perry" - Name Rose - would be a great host, to work as an official entertainment. Just before eight, he thought of a song full of enthusiasm / Enthusiastic / MC did not hit the correct notes.

But adults of all ages would be given nothing to say on the subject. Katy and children excluded from this time until the arrival back to Cork a day after 17:00 on Sunday.

We arrived before 12 o'clock in Rovaniemi, we were told, a few hours before nightfall.

December is a time of a few hours of daylight in Lapland, so just after 1:00 p.m. saw the sun and it was an hour later blackened.

First stop on the way to a park outdoor adventures - all facilities were part of the package - it was changed in the thermal outdoor clothing and shoes in a store.

Then he went snowmobile through the forest and on a frozen lake deviated to try before returning base.

Snowmobiles had to go in the room for two people, every adult had the opportunity, and the younger children had their own tour with the driver.

It was arranged a four in front of an open air blast lunch.

This was could have downloaded the busy and easily visit in the chaos given the number of season people.

But, hey, this is Lapland and Santa Elves clearly had a good workout. With a group one way, another one was addressed, and so the queues were minimal.

If a group were an excellent trip beautiful finishing reindeer, it had an automatic transmission in walking distance to go hoarse.

Among the hockey kids, Snow threw laminates, berries hot drinks tasted around a campfire, and then to another ride on mini snowballs running those who were allowed to go.

After that, it was a visit for individual groups to see the same man, Santa Claus, the time for which all were, but repeated that the most important gifts should be left for the great day itself, a small gesture, but appreciated in all The children excited.

Our stay at Hotel Scandic in Rovaniemi was good, and the dinner was very acceptable at this three star.

Our twin room was fine and a great breakfast the next morning.

But that's part of the price you get to pay a visit to Lapland, and I have to say that a visit to Santa's village should be part of the experience.

Lapland is breaking without cheap holidays, given the price of about 900 euros for one night, but it is included in the price, and for the adults who welcomed with joy to see the reaction of the children.

Snow, views, activities including shopping and, let's say, Katy Perry's delightful entertainment, made this enjoy a trip for everyone.
Kaelan wonderfully summed up the trip to this magical place: "The best weekend of my life".

Other small ones nodded with awakened enthusiasm.

Most of us know how Papa Lapland treading ground, but not only to deliver a ghost town in the remaining 11 months of the year. Oh no, the European hotspot attracts crowds of tourists all year round thanks to its breathtaking scenery, outdoor activities - and yes, of course, the northern lights are shown.

The best time is during the months of November through March to visit if you can make the most of the abundant snowfall. Although the summer season hike and other lake activities offers, see Winter Lapland in all its glory at the top of many is to travel from our data lists.

So if you are looking to book or plan ahead for the next year a last minute break, then here is what you can get up to while you are out there ...
Feet Strap on a pair of rackets and head out on an adventure - no skills required. The snow can reach so deep it reaches the waist, and walking footsteps is almost impossible. But with these specially designed shoes that distribute their weight on the snow, you can go anywhere. The rent is cheap around € 15 per pair for the day.
Husky Tours
For a better view in the Arctic, visit one of the husky farm in Lapland, where dogs are trained to be transport specialists. Not the cheapest excursion € 150pp, but get a 1.5 hour walk with a partner - where midway you can change the driver to a seat in the transport position. Dogs are happy for snapshots that wake up later (whenever they get a gift!).
Aurora Camps

Your best chance of catching a glimpse of the northern lights is far from the light pollution of cities. For this reason, many groups offer a type of "Aurora experience" where you climb on a snowmobile or in the back of a six seat car, and take it back to the desert. If you are worried about being cold (after all, the air reaches at -30C cold) they have booths in the woods where you can sit around a fire eating marshmallows while you wait.
The longest running toboggan run in Europe is located in the heart of Lapland, called in a town Saariselk√§, then take a plastic sleigh and give it a go. Do not you have one? Shops to rent Days on machines for only € 2, and if you can brave the long way to the top, the tour is fun.
Ice Fishing
It's not just an urban myth that the Scandinavians like a bit of ice fishing - and northern Finland dotted with large frozen lakes, is a great activity for the winter months. Tours usually last between 3-5 hours and cost around € 50pp. You will be taken to one of the lakes where you stand with a good chance of catching some of the local fish such as char (a bit like salmon). Hot drinks and hot dogs are usually in the mix, too!
Cross Country Skiing
Learn a new skill and find yourself in a cross-country class. It is easy to learn and if you know how you can go on your own trips. In most areas of Lapland, early morning snow trucks starting morning trails for skiers to do this all you have to do is take a pair of skis and follow them.
Visit Santa

If you are going for Christmas in Lapland then you need to make a visit to Santa at home. No matter which hotel you choose to stay in, if the celebrations go away, then definitely offer some sort of Santa experience - personally read to you my favorite kids, visits to their actual office in Saariselka.


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