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10 Unknown Things About John Wick, You Should Know !!

We are a little over a week until John Wick: Chapter 2 debuts in theaters (February 10, to be exact). The long awaited sequel to the hit 2014 John Wick shareholder examined in the fascinating world of comics in the original film and see Keanu Reeves as the title character, a former killer who can not escape to expand introduced his past crimes.

John Wick is one of the refreshing action images of all ages, to minimize digital effects and introduce character-plucking cutters full of nuances, and a lot of fucking action mixed with subversive humor. It's brutal, nice and cool, and the classic action movie tropes to combine into a new formula for success.

So what exactly does John Wick do? What is behind the character, the supporting cast, myths and the creative team of the film series? Here are 15 little-known Wick factoids to help fill in the blanks and you pumped while we waited for 2 John Wick chapter.


So what can John Wick fans expect in Chapter 2? The main arguments are still secret, but we know some details about what the focus of action. Firstly, the movie Wick against its killers is past. That means he travels no way to retirement, with the character at Rome a former employee to do justice to. What is your connection? All the details are scant but we know that there is a blood pact with Wick is to aggregate forces through loyalty, while the consortium plans to seize the killers who are both members. Or, in Wick's words, his goal is simply to "kill them all."

We can also expect more return artists on display, including Ian McShane as Hotelier Gangster Continental, Bridget Moynihan died as Wick woman, and John Leguizamo as Aurelio owner of the combine harvester.

Often, the villain will play, accompanied by several other new cast members, including Ruby Rose (orange is the new black) and the aforementioned Lawrence Fishburne. So expect a lot of action, espionage, intrigue and plenty of body full of hot lead.


In addition to John Wick Chapter 2, it may still mysterious killer be in our future, but this time on the small screen.
Chapter 2 Director Stahleksi launched the idea of a prequel television for life and said in an interview with the film. "Basically, we have almost a prequel written, but it would save on other aspects of ownership Lionsgate is interested, a program of this TV John Wick, and this seems very attractive to us, those creatively to give this entity ideas because I could really improve the TV believe it is and what we could only in a two hour movie we would like to finish the story we tell you now ;. and maybe all our prequel to save ideas and ideas impossible task for this medium. "

Given the interesting cast of the series of character films and many issues raised about the past Mafia Wick, the idea could certainly be thrilling when they performed well. Hopefully Reeves interested to make up for a TV project, just because we did not imagine anyone else to fill in Wick's fashionable outfits.

Given the interesting cast of the series of character films and many issues raised about the past Mafia Wick, the idea could certainly be thrilling when they performed well. Hopefully Reeves interested to make up for a TV project, just because we did not imagine anyone else to fill in Wick's fashionable outfits.


Set to help One of the earliest films of legendary skills of the murderer John Wick occurs when Yusef Tarasov of Alfie Allen (Game of Thrones) threw his father attacks, head Viggo the crowd, played by Michael Nyqvist (girl with the dragon tattoo).

When Yusef of jokes as he killed the dog and stole his car Wick (unconscious connection Wick with his family) suggests I bore him in the stomach. Then he goes on to explain how horrible a mistake he made: "It is not what you did, my son, that irritates me so much who he was ... he was once a partner ... we call Baba Yaga .. .

When Joseph Reply "The Boogeyman"? Viggo replied, "Well, John was not exactly" The Boogeyman "He was the one sent to kill the f ******" Boogeyman ".

The Baba Yaga may originated in Slavic folklore, marked as a supernatural being (usually in the form of a female), the friend or foe being, depending on the circumstances. Although there is a strange connection with Reeves' character to explain except how they condemn his strength nature skills that can help win his loyalty, or those who cross to certain death.


Before John Wick was a man, a vengeful full killer return to the world who wanted to escape, we see Reeves in the shower with a big tattoo on his back. The Latin term "Fortis Fortuna adiuvat" appears in large letters at the top large, and translates into English as "the future of the favors of the global economy". The origin of the term is military, the motto of the naval base 3rd Battalion of Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii. This suggests Military Wick past his time as a mob killer, as well as an allusion to the Hawaiian heritage star Keanu Reeves (his father was a Hawaiian) is used.

The fact that the tattoo is not in this short shot in the film, in his very material on the co-directors Chad Stahelski and David Leitch's trust explained or referred to leave an air of mystery, adding enough texture and intrigue without the need for Explain every detail. But one message is clear: Wick sucks.


One of the interesting aspects of John Wick Chapter 2, the meeting between Keanu Reeves and Matrix co-star Lawrence Fishburne will be. His team is just one of many composites for the iconic series of science fiction films, which occur in the year 1999

John Wick's first film also featured several matrix graduates, including Daniel Bernhardt (who played an actor in the studio) and Randall Duk Kim (the Keymaker). Both directors his great opportunity as coordinators tricks in the Matrix trilogy, which would be accidental if Reeves wanted, when he wanted to choreograph the action scenes in John Wick. The duo felt so strongly about the project to convince the producers to allow them to direct the film.

What, as Reeves and Laurence Fishburne were connected to the then Stahleski again (the only director in Chapter 2), he explained: "Keanu, I Laurence all worked and together in the Matrix trilogy. So, if Derrick (Kolstad, screenwriter) had written The character he plays in the Laurence script, in the sense that it was actually written with Laurence ... Keanu gave us a good introduction when they met. "

There is even an Easter egg in the original movie Matrix: Neo in the game during the safe house scene is a character name.


Reeves gave an intensely physical presentation on John Wick (talk about his one-bit training program) and his rings of authenticity on almost every picture in the real movie. The actor did 90% of his tricks (one of the few scenes that was a necessary stunt that the porch, oh, so painful fall into nightclub battle). This is particularly encouraging, since the fact that the actor had a flu outbreak during filming. Reeves was getting stuck action sequences so obsessed that the entire sequel to the movie nightclub on the same day was filmed.

Reeves work tricks not only fight sequences, of course. He also has a driving experience, including the scene of him stepping out of a car from a private airport. In typical modesty, Reeves despised his talent. In an interview in 2014 with Indie Wire, he says it's just an extension of his role is .. "If I do this, it's not a trick stunts tricks ... I, I can do some physical action involved in any action , But they are not tricks. The guys turn, I threw, run, jump, play. "


Two days before he made his film debut, John Wick was actually included as a downloadable character in Payday 2, a popular first person shooter. The result of a promotional partnership between Lions Gate Films and Overkill Software, including the Game Wick (by voice actor Dave Fouquette played) in Washington, DC assault involved in a gang, targeting banks, acting as a drug dealer and Even manipulate elections and smuggle nuclear weapons.

The Low Wick was a smart move, as fans of first person shooters the perfect audience for one of the best shoot 'em up thrillers would be age. And John Wick is not the only character who shares synergy between Lionsgate and exaggeration in the series of payday games; Also mark remake of Point Break has to offer, the two partner companies.

Overkill would get movies with STX Unconditional Entertainment Henry, a Russian actor continued to be killed as a first person shooter.


As you may have already noticed John Wick's story, it was inspired by comics and comics. And insurance and visual aspect of the directors Leitch and Stahelski were not lost in Hollywood. Civil War: The duo was used as the second unit director of Captain America at Marvel Studios. The creative team was already familiar with the comic books, of course, as the work Stachelski trick Iron Man 2 did, and both made second unit work on The Wolverine.

Civil War Director Joe Russo explains why he knew the two of them would be perfect for the production environment, saying, "We asked them if they came and helped us execute some of the action sequences with Spiro Razatos, Boy along with Chad and Dave ... we knew we had to work really hard to raise our Winter Soldier game. "

You can see the work of Leitch and Stahelski on the scene of the Civil War, the adrenaline battle between The Avengers and Crossed Bones in Lagos, Portugal opening. And Leitch did not end with the superhero genre - recently announced that the long-awaited sequel Deadpool addressed.


John Wick had many producers including co-director David Leitch, filmmaker James McTeigue (V for Vendetta), Basil Iwanyk and Michael Witherill. But the most prominent participants was the lead producer (and Desperate Housewives actress) Eva Longoria.

So what attracted Longoria to the project? Do not ask or Stahelski Leitch, who gave the commentary on the film they found in the 2014 production: "I've never met ... but thanks for writing a check"

Make online what the inspired actress for the co-produced film proved to be a difficult task, but a look at her IMDB profile shows that a diverse work, provocative documentaries (The Harvest, food chains) produced, Comic series - TV (Devious Maids, Soap Opera) and even an animated series for adults (Mother Up!).

Surprisingly, given the financial success of the original, the actress is not preparing John Wick Chapter 2. However, Wick diehard fans a debt debt of gratitude to write for this check, and to help with the care, the potential to perform the film.


Another item that John Wick made for another action thriller, was his action sequence with only intense stylistic violence. And perhaps the most memorable element and incidence in these scenes was the shooting that described filmmaker as "fu gun".

The technology is not really arisen in John Wick. Gun Fu was made by director John Woo in his classic Hong Kong thriller, A Better Tomorrow, known that American films would influence Matrix, where future directors Stahleski and Lietch in the technical coordination of built-in tricks. And John Wick is perhaps the most dynamic fighting style to intensify with filmmakers his game in great shape.

What exactly was fu gun? It is basically built around martial arts shooting, with the grace and agility of a ballet room. It is safe to say that Keanu Reeves pulled the technique with precision and remarkable attitude, so we expect more fu weapons in Chapter 2.

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