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You may not choose technology but technology would choose you

In Greek mythology, Prometheus taught men to cultivate. But when he set fire to humans, the gods felt that he had gone too far. And as a punishment, Zeus Prometheus chained to a rock, where every day an eagle flew low and ate his liver, which would grow, because he was immortal.
The story of Prometheus is about mankind's dominion over their world and how much energy is too much. But Zeus counterintuitively is not Prometheus, many artists and writers have taken sides in the last thousand years. History is relevant today because humanity is at a turning point, and two opposing forces are caught up in a war that is emerging. On the one hand, the innovation and power that comes with them, and on the other hand is the fact that when it comes to ourselves, are being innovation seems.
For tens of thousands of years, technology-and the world in general had been addressed. Now, for the first time in human history, technology has reached a point where it can be directed to its Creator within. Technology has found something new, you want to change: We.
In making 2010 University of Colorado researchers, what they thought would be an uncomplicated experiment in laboratory mice. They injured members of rats and injected them with stem cells to repair the damage. Then something strange happened. This little one almost doubled the muscles of the extremities in size and strength. Not only fashion has remained tail muscles for the life of every rat, and the aging process itself defy. Essentially researchers accidentally a race had created "super rats."
Another experiment in 2001 involved injecting human stem cells from all things into the brains of older mice. Shortly thereafter, the mice started to perform better in the Morris maze water test test. In other words, stem cells would become smarter.
When people think of stem cells, they usually think of a possible cure for diseases like Parkinson's disease. But there is another, much darker Potentially, the use of stem cells and in people who are perfectly healthy. It is basically to change this application to the human body, cassette to write me the idea, my novel, the Prometheus man.
We have stories about a mother who is a car of her son, adrenaline to lift the body mainlines can all heard. Imagine stem cells to triple the size of a person's adrenal gland. It could not be up to par to produce some of these people who are so zombified in that PCP shot three times and still manage to make six cops. The Army uses such a technology, parts of the human body, which could be "improved", go through your mind, as a kind of show in a bad dream.
And we have not yet reached the deadliest part of human anatomy: the brain. There is a fixed amount of space in our skulls. Theoretically growing parts of the brain that need to be improved, such as part, reflexes and coordination controls, you can also reduce the parts of the brain to be reduced, for example, the proportion contributes to a person's reliability.
Consider things really thrown away this way in the real world. As I tried to capture in my book, it is often the tail attempt is the true source of terror.

The 20th century saw ADM's innovation. He also saw innovations in ideology that encourage the destruction of 200 million people, about 8 percent of the world's population, wars and oppression. But the technology in your childhood today take things in the opposite direction. By increasing our body, increasing our capacity, so intimate and the most covert violence to do. They take us back to our roots. And they do it at a time when wars are not fought the same on the battlefield for. Often, they are the fastest attacks before most people know about them, where the goal is so much desperation is not to take the target but the people at home.
But that's not over yet. Technology can the human body militarize, but with the Internet, governments and other stakeholders have the opportunity to go after the Spirit.
The Internet is the greatest source of information about the human mind in history, and is about to go even deeper with virtual reality. Human hopes and dreams, fears, hatred, that's right. And in the last decade we have them to make the appearance of tools something perfectly designed designed algorithms. Algorithms regularly exceed Wall Street analysts people. They also make more accurate diagnoses of psychiatric mental illness. The algorithms are far more effective than the medical ones if below average if the results of the algorithm given.
The algorithms are always so good to identify in the prediction of human behavior that it has the power not only interest but urges and unwanted activities that predict these unwanted impulses and interests. Serial killers, terrorists, dissidents, is likely to be related online their habits to some general standards. Theoretically, we could better understand the meaning of their lives than they themselves understand. And if you want something enough to predict, understand what you are doing, you can control.
However, intervention is not the main goal. The ultimate goal is to go much further. It is important to make a difference, we are: our experience of reality.
Research is to discover patterns in our own needs that can be explored. If this sounds paranoid, consider Robert Cialdini, PhD, Dr. Cialdini wrote the best-selling book, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, on the way to bringing other games into our programming impressions that are not true, forcing behavior is not Of our interest. The stated aim of his book was to get rid of this manipulation, but did not become Dr. Cialdini adviser to the Obama campaign to end this ideal. Obama deserves goals alone were clearly insufficient. The good doctor felt presidential candidates as meticulous in their best interest, I needed repairs on the use of the Dark Arts to put the thumb on the balance of his mind.
There is a conclusion here. Wanting people to just begin to understand reality, but the truth is always hungry for change.
But Dr. Cialdini, the focus was voluntary: the vote. However, we consider the Reid technique, a nine-stage type algorithm made FBI pressure suspicious during interrogation used. The Reid technique has been tested on less than thousands of suspects and refined, but has an error. It produces false confessions. In other words, the technique is so effective that the innocent do not give up their freedom, just to stop it man.
Reid's technique, at the height of its power, creates a false reality in the minds of the most powerful suspects that reality is based on facts beyond. Forget to change someone's body. The Reid technique achieved the most fundamental change of all. And it is an innovation Perhaps alarming violence, child who came to lock us.
The manipulation of the body, mind manipulation, these are very scary things. In response, there are those who believe that ethical issues are raised by new synthesis technologies, can be resolved through discussion. But when have we done it before? Nuclear weapons could destroy the human race, and silently had arisen. Hit that. It was by some countries to bring it to be reasonable. That says something very strong about us. That is, more true died the most frightening thing of all may be: We are not truly responsible. It is our morality, our virtue is, that technology is behind, not vice versa. Perhaps there was a reason why Zeus is not easy to put things hash with Prometheus, but one stop over.
I enjoy reading things that were written many centuries from August to August until thousands of years ago. I'll tell you what the hook was in my mouth. I realized as many of these writers as I was. And I felt this feeling .... Because things meant me frustrated and fascinated me were inconclusive. They were a part of what it means to be alive.
But there is a logical consequence. If someone who has lived hundreds or thousands of years like you and me, assuming you are retrograde like me, then that means the vast majority remained the same. But in the meantime, with the help of technology, our power grows. Think about what that means. The technology to reduce the world for convenience is not limited to these. It increases what is in us. And we free ourselves from the difficult scrabble existence in which we have to work 12 hours a day to survive, giving us room to express our deepest self.
However, our deepest nature are very problematic. Over the past 50 years, the developed world has experienced unprecedented peace, prosperity and technological comfort. And this is the result. In the US, one in four women taking a prescription medicine for mental health. According to the Centers for Disease Control, life expectancy is rising. He just fell. Census data and the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows 25 percent of men between 25 and 64 years of age are not full-time, and most of them are no longer looking for a job. One would expect people to become less violent. Instead of the '70s, there was an explosion of violent crimes, which finally under control only by imprisoning the largest percentage of citizens of a country was the world's express. However, according to the 1972-2006 General Social Survey, evaluated less happy women each year, improved their lives from practically any objective standard.


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