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Today's Hot:Welcome to Donald Trump's Ignorant America

The day before the opening of Donald Trump, the President of the United States - a real event leading in the universe we live in - news management plans broke the National Endowment for the Arts and National Endowment eliminate the humanities. And I wanted to scream

This is Donald Trump's America: One where things like art and books and science and the careful consideration of complicated problems are considered useless and pushed aside. This may not be surprising after the Trump we saw in the election campaign, the man who never answered a question with a touch of intelligence or depth. In an interview this week, I could not name a single book I was reading. He has appointed a secretary of education who wants to destroy public schools. He would have offered a notorious anti-vaccination activist a position that led to the investigational commission vaccines. I called Global Warming a Chinese fraud.
Of course you are getting rid of the NEA and the NEH. What use does Donald Trump have of things that make life beautiful and good? It is surrounded by ugly gold. Is a billionaire who hangs Renoir in the $ 100 million slaughterhouse he lives, why would he want to original? He has plenty of money and fame to access the best tailors in the world, and his clothes do not fit. Your hair is stupid.
I know, I'm average. I'm a snob. I am an elitist liberal and a liberal elitist snobbery is the reason why Trump won. You know what I do not care. I'm tired of putting up with the burden of cultural empathy When no one asks people who voted for racist, misogynist manbaby take two damn seconds to consider the moral implications of putting on ignorant pussy grabber about the most powerful work on the planet.
We have not read a president who books. He did not read the books. Even George W. Bush read books, and he did, and the economy bogged down in two wars impossible to overcome to destroy. What scares Trump about the nation and the world? How are you going to change America for the worse?
Of course, Donald Trump wants the government's (downright poor) efforts to destroy, to promote the humanities and the arts. It's not just that things have not made the slightest impact on your life. (Imagine a work of art has a thoughtful discussion with Donald Trump, painting, a song, a poem). The arts and humanities are tools to get the truth of things. Trump hates the truth. He himself is the size of his victory in the reenergizing Electoral College in everything from the size of his hands in the shade. He not only found time, he calls the truth a lie, ATMs liar.
We will not fund public art programs, but we need Breitbart in the White House press room. We will not fund historic preservation projects or cultural explorations, but attack journalists President on Twitter.
Trump has no plans to make America great again; Go America in your own image redesign. He believes that the art means statues of eagle plaster, which looks like SkyMall came. He thinks news comes from Joe and Fox & Friends morning. The books are divided into two categories: those that have the face on the cover and not. (Do not read one or the other.)
Trump no shifting to the right; This is more catastrophic than a simple change of party. Donald Trump, the dark side of human nature: ugliness, ignorance and fear. He wants to build a giant wall, an act contrary to the idea of art??. He won the promise of a ban on religious immigration, rejecting not only a whole culture but the idea of ??one's culture.
This is our new president: a man who delighted in denial, the truth and nothing find us for you. USA want to make it look like this. We can not afford it.
More than 50 House members, representing more than 10 percent of Congress, said they would ignore the festivities this week.


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