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To prevent sunburn It is better to use sunscreen rather than umbrella

On the beach under a substitute umbrella to wear sunscreen sitting, a new study shows.
Approximately 78 percent of people who used an umbrella to protect themselves from the sun during the few hours on the beach were sunburned the next day, compared to only 25 percent of people who used sunscreen with a protective factor (SPF) of 100 researchers.

But while sunscreen more sunburn prevented than the great umbrella, no method was 100 percent effective.

"It's nice to have a holistic approach," said senior author Hao Ou-Yang. "You need a combination of measures to think about."

Or-Yang and co-author of both work for Johnson and Johnson in Skillman, New Jersey. The company partially funded the study and is the parent company of Neutrogena, which uses sunscreen in the research produced.

Or-Yang told the Reuters man how with a high SPF sunscreen, wearing clothes and a hat, a combination of approaches to be used, and looking for shade.

Hours for the new study, researchers 81 fair-skinned people recruited in the midday sun on Lewisville Lake to sit Texas, is three and a half years old, in August 2014. Participants were randomized to SPF using 100 sunscreens or with The standard to use -size umbrella.

Participants were tested the next day for burns.

The researchers found 142 sunburned areas for the 41 people who used an umbrella, but only 17 of those who used the sunshade.

A total of 32 used by those who finished screens with sunburn compared to 10 in the sunscreen group.
Researchers explain to block direct sunlight on JAMA Dermatology designed umbrellas, but no radiation protection scattered. "You do not want to rely on a single sunscreen method," said Jennifer Stein, a dermatologist at NYU Langone Medical Center in New York. "The right way to avoid out, is the half of the day, sitting in the shade, wear protective clothing and sunscreen."

People who want to use with an SPF of at least 30 years, a sunscreen, Stein, who was not involved in the new study said. He said that one of the reasons to buy a sunscreen with higher SPF is generally consumers do not apply to much of it when companies try the product. With a combination of sun protection factors sunburn can be avoided even in people with the most beautiful skin, she said.

"There's no reason to be a vampire," Stein said. "Go package tour to the beach and have an active lifestyle. Just be careful."


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