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These girls of the people in China can overcome any model of beauty.

When we say "village girls," the imaginary, how you are on your own and so everyone will think differently. Well, but your imagination, I bet you are also attractive as China is not the view. Do not you think? Then you should check the pictures of the girl from the village of China. They are much hotter than the girl of the people on their own (unless you live in China, of course). No, you will never say that you like best secret Victoria models. Check this one:

How many other cultures have positive and negative characteristics of Chinese women.


  • Can be very smart
  • They have strong family values
  • Often, he knows how to cook
  • Enjoy culture in general
  • Often very attractive


  • To be strongly influenced by the opinions of the family
  • You may not be able to make the call
  • Not inclined to outdoor activities like camping
  • Can be very demanding or demanding
  • Despite the conspicuous consumption (ie names of brands and brands)For Chinese women's credit, many of these negative traits can be overcome. Problems with low intelligence and lack of culture are much more common hard or vice versa to change. The effects of this having on the offspring can not be underestimated.

Fortunately, Chinese culture has always enjoyed sophistication and knowledge. The problem is that these resources are not always encouraged in women. There is also the preferential treatment of male children who are completely castrated to create "boys" mothers of the worst kind. In contrast, low daughters rated the source of complications may be higher.

In the physical world there are complications for small tendency to influence Foster Mom children with formula feeding is not what the same level of immunity that regular physical breastfeeding does not lend against. There is also a tendency towards lactose intolerance.

Be the tail is another problem much more serious health risks that may arise shame or excessively modest excessive body behavior. Usually Asian women tend to discuss physical problems with medical men and women, even doctors to be very shy. This is a byproduct of raising a culture in which the complaint is "as a form of weakness. Engaging displeasure in open discussion about intimate physical, including gynecological health, also plays an important role as well.

One consequence is a significant increase in female mortality from avoidable or treatable causes due to patients being neglected reluctance to openly discuss symptoms with competent medical authority. For this reason, bladder disease, breast cancer, ovarian cancer can and other reproductive complications not often treated with fatal consequences.

The advantage is that when non-serious problems that often an innate intelligence can overcome such a negative outlook both remain in open and honest dialogue to change the norm. Although this is more generally decided case by case, high-intelligence average women who come from the greater promise Chinese cultures disclaim that this is possible.

Considering that in China lived in Shenzhen, a modern city with many immigrants from different provinces of China most of the time. I will describe how Chinese girls perform in comparison to girls widely in Europe.

There are substantial differences in the girl in the big cities and rural areas in terms of opinions, behavior, and so they dress in fashion

Usually the Chinese girls beautiful and somehow feminine impression that their European counterparts, which can be partially attributed to the preference of the "tenderness" of the Company is still quite traditional Chinese, partly because of their physical appearance more "fragile" .

Chinese does not like to openly express their feelings and this is especially true for girls in general. Thus, most girls are much more anxious are compared to Europeans, although there are many exceptions, especially in large cities. Again, there is strong pressure from society and not conservative, although the company has developed very fast in recent years. (For example: if kissing in public is still taboo in China.) However, the more the person who has expelled their feelings in public, the more emotional is usually in the private sector (valid for tenderness and anger).
As a side note, the "repressed emotional explosion effect" often appear unexpectedly across China that are not at all exclusive girls. I have seen some crazy and prolonged street fights, which began in a seemingly harmless object.

This also relates to the "save face" theme, which is very important to the Chinese. Since Chinese girls tail usually does everything possible to avoid embarrassing, especially in front of others. For this reason, when man courts Chinese girl who is not interested, refusing this almost never is. Instead, he is required to ignore it completely, no longer respond to any communication or claim that they have occupied the entire team.

Chinese-style atmosphere is very different from European (or Western in general). Chinese jokes are way to somehow politically correct and often make money. Chinese can offensive easily take seriously the joke of a cocky take guy who look just kidding with the innocent European girl.

Most Chinese girls are very diligent and determined, some of them are also very ambitious. With regard to men they, however, generally do not achieve their goals through direct but under pressure and persistently soft power. Somewhere I read very appropriate comparison to the steady flow of the river, which always goes around the obstacles to reach the goal in the end.

However, as some Chinese girl to pick up the weapon of mass destruction SA JIAO (撒娇) call when they want to get something from her boyfriend. Fortunately, I've never been a "victim" of this form of pressure on me, perhaps some Quran colleagues may comment on the strange matter ahead. Basically, the girl tail SA JIAO as a spoiled child behaves - BEG first to cry and finally throwing tantrums on the guys you want Benthic, products to make a rule for some material of purchase. I read about an extreme case where the girl pushed her friend a luxury car to buy to make it scene in the car business. This type of behavior would be considered unacceptable by most Europeans, but there are some Chinese types found this kind of behavior and accepted handsome. Maybe they think they need to show their affection to the child. Personally, I find that do not behave most Chinese girls in this way, especially when your partner lets you know that he does not accept. In the long run, it is best estimated the guy who deeply cares about them, respect them and try to understand their feelings about the man who spoiled with material possessions. But each person is unique and should not select Completed potential boys in China carefully for his girlfriend.

Having said that, I must admit that in China there is much more pressure on the individual's ability to support his child financially, as in Europe. Thus, most Chinese girls are not comfortable with meal replacement, etc. Although some Chinese men of splurging lunch with her boyfriend in many gifts to, in fact, most Chinese girls extreme, does not require that in my opinion.

Chinese girls are much more under the influence of their parents. And I suspect,


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