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The top deepest holes that mankind ever Dug

1.Kola Superdeep Borehole, Russia

Do not care about the 9 inch diameter. Instead, focus on the Kola Superdeep Borehole unrivaled 7.5 miles deep. Started in 1970 by Russian scientists on the Kola peninsula in Russia, it has become the deepest hole in the world - deeper than even the deepest part of the ocean - after about 20 years of excavation and experimentation. The temperature of 356 Fahrenheit at that depth, however, made it impossible for the tools to continue. The site has been abandoned since 2008, and the hole is closed so nothing can enter Or out.

2.The Bingham Canyon Mine, Utah

Over 100 years, the world's largest copper mine includes a broad pit 2.5 miles southwest of Oquirrh Mountains of Salt Lake City, Utah. Like the largest man-made excavation, mine came up almost three-quarters of a mile down and covers 1,900 acres. First started in 1906, the mine is still open, but this does not prevent it from being a national landmark with a visitor center for people who come and gawk wants to called.

3.The Kimberley Diamond Mine, Africa

Located in Africa and known as one of the great hand made holes in the world, "Big Hole", in fact, as a small start to a hill. With more than 50,000 miners picking their way into the ground since 1866, the Kimberley Diamond Mine fell more than 700 feet and spread to over 1,500 feet wide by 1914. More than £ 6,000 diamonds have yet been understandably crafted a destination .

4.Diavik Diamond Mine, Canada

One of the newest holes in the list that opens Diavik Diamond Mine in 2003 and has over 600 meters in the Canadian Arctic region. This island is located in Lac de Gras, northeast of Yellowknife, the only airplane mine is accessible, there is a gravel road large enough for a Boeing 737 and an ice road. And that's only when the weather is good enough. The mine produced 3,300 pounds of diamonds a year on ice.

5.The Berkeley Pit, Montana

Opened in 1955 as a way to extract copper in Butte, Montana, the Berkeley Pit grew to a depth of 1,700 feet before being closed in 1982. For a long time, the well is filled with a value of more than 900 feet underground water And rainwater. In combination with heavy metals and chemicals prior to mining operations, water has become highly acidic and measures are taken to keep the birds out of the water since a herd of 342 birds died within mile-long snow geese , Half a mile wide hole in the 1990s.

6.Mirny Mine, Russia

It has been reported that the winds around Siberia Mirny Mine suck the guard helicopter in its swirling wells 1,700 feet deep, but even with these rumors aside it remains the diamond mine, which began in 1955, totally unlimited. Deep enough to maintain a skyscraper of 150 floors inside, is the diamond mine Stalin stretches for 3,900 meters and is one of the largest wells excavated in the world. And although the work stopped in the open sky, Russia still ruined underground underground.

7.IceCube Neutrino Observatory, Antarctica

Thanks to the University of Wisconsin, South Pole Station Amundsen-Scott in Antarctica 86 wires came under the ice, support 60 digital optical modules transmitted to the surface through data from the depths. And the area is very far. The modules hang at depths of about 4750 feet to over 8,000 feet starting the way, or 1.5 miles. It took seven years to drill for cables in the summer in the southern hemisphere and a 25,000 pound hot water hose melted about 200,000 liters of water for good.


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