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Technology never take the place of human touch

Wherever you go these days, there is talk of replacing the automation of people. Technology is at a rapid pace, certainly help, and sold around today's media, sensationalism, but only because technology a means of labor can not replace what we always want. In some cases, even if the technology can do a proper job, we want to do with a person.

While a machine can perform a specific task efficiently, often more than us, what is lacking is the art of activity, the unique human ability to meet the needs of individuals. The Protocol may propose an approach, but a person who understands well in their jobs, if they define and subtleties necessary.

The recent Obama report on the possible economic impact of artificial intelligence and automation than the element, at least partially through a political prism. "If AI leads to unemployment and rising inequality in the long run depends on technology not only in itself, but also on the institutions and policies that are in place," the report said. He continued, the percentage of jobs through automation in the next 10-20 years somewhere 9-47 percent, an area that the actual impact for some time will not be known suggests adjust affected.
Many people in the boot ecosystem believe queue involved, which will always push the technology in full, just because we can, but not everyone agrees that a desirable approach. The New York Times reported in a study by McKinsey last week that was found during automation increases, it may not at the rate that they had been led to believe. "As automation related to employment and not simply decided why it is technically feasible, ie to concentrate the technologists tend to" McKinsey James Manyika the Times.

Ultimately, it is in the effects of automation involved several factors, including interacting our desire with our colleagues. Consider ATM as a prime example. Designed popularized in the 1960s and for the 70s and 80s, probably replacing some human cases, but it is still 2017 and most banks have ATMs. Yes, you can get money when and where you want, even if the bank is not open. Heck, you can count on your phone, but if you get into the bank, there are still people who work there, because when it comes to our money, sometimes we even want to talk to professional training.

Certainly, when it comes to medicine, we want to keep seeing with high level people even though they are not machines that help our doctors come up with the correct diagnosis and treatment. Although the machine was to be determined in a proper plan position - and we know that there are few absolute in medicine - we still want to work with a doctor who is trained to talk to us and to manage the treatment protocol through the options - and this Means art in science.

People are still important. And that has to be considered an important point. Even in scenarios that as doctors do not include training, this does not mean that we do not want to interact with the machines people people place.
For example, there is technology to replace servers with an iPad menu. One of the restaurants in San Francisco has the people from the equation. After placing your order on the iPad, the food of the small cubbie -. In the corridors or human contact needed - but not everyone will want this kind of experience Some people like to be greeted by a person who accepts not only the order but has answered questions about the menu and bring their meal.

The same applies to Uber or Lyft. Obviously cars without drivers are a growth of reality services and the car wants way to go because it is cheaper for them but this does not mean that all consumers can enjoy the ride without a driver. Some like to talk about pilots' experience. It is more than just to refer to point A as always B (or enrichment of car services).

Not to be a Luddite. Technology will march forward inexorably, and it would be foolish to argue otherwise, but some things remain important, and the will of communication between human beings is still one of who they are. The fact that technology is available does not mean it will always be the best option in every situation.


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