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Sitting too much isn't good for health

However, the exercise may find, according to a new studySitting too much during the day was associated with a number of diseases in the compound. From Obesity to Heart Problems and Diabetes and Early Death It is not difficult to understand why: it can contribute to inactivity to weight gain, which in turn is a risk factor for heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure and levels of Healthy blood sugar.

Above all, it is published deleterious effects on cells at the biological level, according to a new report published in the American Journal of Epidemiology.

In the new study, led scientists from Aladdin Shadyab, a postdoctoral fellow in Family Medicine and Public Health at the University of California, San Diego, the effects sit on tracking chromosomes. You Redbourn blood samples older about 1,500 women who participated in the women's health initiative, a long-term study of chronic diseases in postmenopausal women, and focused on the telomeres: the ends of the DNA in each sealed cell. Previous studies have shown that cells divide and age, lose bits of telomeres, so that the length of this region may be an age marker, a cell (and the person's indirect cells belong to). The length of telomeres compared researchers, the number of women being exercised to see if physical activity affects aging.
Previous studies have also examined telomere length and exercise. But they were based on people asking their activity levels report, a process that is often inaccurate. Shadyab time was on a more objective record of activity based physical acceleration women for a week. First, there is no correlation between telomere length and physical activity was found. But when he focused on women who did not meet the recommended 30 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity a day, he began to see some interesting trends.

Among women who did not receive the average daily sedentary exercise time, who spent more time (about 10 hours or more) had shorter telomeres than those who spent less seated clothing every day. The amount of aggregate in about eight years of aging Shorten, scientists estimated inactive women meant that spent more sit-Team, was about eight years older, on average, than those who were inactive, but spent computer less sedentary.

Women who received the recommended amount of exercise daily showed the association between how much the staff spent sitting and can counteract the length of the telomeres, which suggests that physical activity is made to shorten with aging.

"Our results suggest that the combination of being sedentary and not engaging in sufficient physical activity to prevent shortening of telomeres, resulting in the shorter telomeres length," says Shadyab. "Women who do not follow physical activity guidelines and settle for at least 10 hours a day were biologically older, their cells age faster than women who were less sedentary."

Exactly how much physical activity is required to determine the effects of aging cells is not clear, yet sitting in denial. But the Shadyab study shows that the sedentary lifestyle has potentially aging effects on cells and exercise may be a way that aging struggles.


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