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Researchers invent a soft robot that can control your heartbeat and blood flow

Researchers at Harvard University and Boston Children's Hospital have a breakthrough "soft robots" developed this device could bolster a heart attack in order to survive their chances. Unlike the mechanical devices used in heart valves it is wrapped around the outside of the heart, which pumps rotational and cardiovascular function to help. "Most people with heart failure have not left some function, one day Robotics sleeves their heart work can help well enough that their quality of life can be restored," says co-author and cardiothoracic surgeon Frank Pigula.

The device was possible soft robot inspired through the heart and their own thanks to recent advances. Like another recent robot, silicon thin pneumatically adjustable actuated actuators placed there. Powered by an air pump, it has expanded a number of actuators and contracted in a pumping motion, while another twist spiral layer to get it moving. The result is a movement that is the true heart is very similar (see video below).
Physicians tested to work through the device implanted in pigs with reduced capacity to 45 percent in the heart of the drug. Once applied, cardiac output increased to 97 percent of the healthy level. In the same team that has implemented a great advantage over ventricular assist devices (VAD). Unlike those who do not make contact with blood, so it is not necessary anticoagulant patients to prevent the formation of clots.

"The Herzfeld had withdrawn from the idea of ??developing heart compression rather than blood VAD pump due to technological limitations, but now with advances in soft robotics is reversed over time," says Pigula. The device could 140,000 patients suffer from the symptoms of heart failure, help, even at rest, buy pass until a heart donor to keep it alive, or help doctors, heart in the rehabilitation center.

Despite successful tests on pigs, the devices are still in the early stages and would do serious technique and should be tested before it could be used in humans. However, the team believes that this type of "mecano" holds great therapeutic promise, not just for the heart. "This work represents an exciting test of concept for this result shows soft robotics that can safely interact with soft tissue and lead to improved heart function," says SEAS professor Harvard and co-author Conor Walsh.


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