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Researchers develop a "fire extinguisher" battery

Researchers have developed a series of lithium-ion batteries, developed a fire extinguishing material that is released when the battery is very hot.
A triphenyl phosphate flame retardant (TPP) is inside the shell in the electrolytic liquid. The shell melts when the temperature reaches 150 ° C (302F), the chemical release is.
In the tests, the battery fires were extinguished in 0.4 seconds.
Lithium-ion batteries that power many devices, but they are a known fire hazard.
The research team's role at Stanford University has been revised published in the journal Science Progress.
The TPP attempts earlier turned off the batteries shells without integrating the output.
If the cell charges the lithium-ion battery too fast or manufacturing small glitches through the network may lead to a short circuit - which can cause a fire.
In February 2016, the US National Transportation Safety Board issued a warning about lithium batteries in freighters, which he describes as "the source of ignition fire and explosion."
While Samsung has not yet released the results of its investigation, which some of its Galaxy Note smartphones gives 7 catch fire last year, local reports suggest that batteries were found responsible.
However, the company did not confirm this was to its conclusion.
"We recognize the need for answers and thank you for your patience and the tail of our customers, partners and shareholders," he said in a statement.
"We are working hard to ensure we have a full update and provide more information in the coming weeks as soon as we complete the report."
Better batteries
Battery technology to develop more slowly operated as many devices with batteries that rely on said Ian Fogg, an analyst at IHS,
"There is tremendous pressure to improve battery technology. It's one of the areas, the mobile devices in the back and a host of other products holds," he told the BBC.
"Manufacturers have to compensate devices for longer battery life and more powerful, with better graphics and larger, more detailed screens with the sophistication of battery technology.
"It is very difficult to push the capacity of the batteries up and there is always a risk that the battery may fail on a device."


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