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May be this doesn't a good way to shave your legs

The thing about hair removal is that unlike other normal rites of passage, such as riding a bicycle or learning to park parallel, no one teaches how to shave always. Even if you conclude that the world of beauty, some influential beauty of YouTube videos on how to write hair to shave your body. (The seminars are technically shaved feet, but those who are not do experts exactly.)

If you had to guess, he probably would have bought us a razor, loaded our legs with shaving cream, and you have to shave, that's all. But if you ever do with itching legs and hair chasing body, which seems to grow back in 10 minutes, you could do wrong thing. Therefore, we ask to give up telling us where we make mistakes and how to correct them.

Mistake # 1: 

Foaming with soap for a gentle shave, washing the body would not be cut. And you do not even have to come near the bar of soap. Shaving gel, foam or cream may seem unnecessary, but it is important to get a closer shave and minimize swelling and redness. "Put before shaving hair and hair follicles will soften your skin," says New York dermatologist Dendy Engelman, M.D. "Therefore, there is less irritation when a knife penetrates through the skin." Specific make-up products usually contain plasticizers that trick, although a pinch does make, you could use the conditioner.

Mistake # 2: 

Shaving once you into the shower, like tropical smells like matter, your shaving gel or your razor-like razor type fresh from chafing. So why postpone the inevitable and save it to the end of your shower? There is a good reason: "your skin in a warm and moist environment feel let your skin and hair make it smooth," says Whitney Bowe, M.D., a dermatologist in New York. The softer hair and open follicles (steam) allow you to get close and clean shave, so it is less likely that the new stubble will feel later that day.

Mistake # 3: 

Think makes more pressure A closer shave Less is more when it comes to how much pressure is applied to your shaver. You may be tempted to push hard to get any hair, but it is actually making things worse. "The harder it is to endure, the more uneven surface of the skin, because it produces essentially puts the tree to fall," Engelman said. This causes missed prime time for nicks and even corrections because the machine is not evenly trimming the hair away.

Mistake # 4:

 No bark at all that you may think that if you shave, you can ignore your body scrub, which is understandable considering that dead skin cells basically scratch your razor. This is wrong, but it is not at all like that. "Some people think if you shave your skin exfoliation, which is technically true," says Engelman. "If you are prone to razor strokes and irritation, you can select the area before a scrub, to ensure that hair can come out clean." Otherwise, these dead skin cells that can clog razor, which caused razor burns, said Bowe. First scrub provides essentially a clean canvas to remove even hair then.

Mistake # 5: 

Keep your razor in the shower that knew blades were so high maintenance? "It can not only keep your razor in a wet environment oxidation blade increases the risk of bacterial or fungal infection," Bowe said. Not so much After shaving, wash the razor with lukewarm water, dry it with a towel and in a place where it will not get wet. In addition it gives you the ability to make the laggards on the blade slightly, with the leaf dried with a towel or toilet paper (and not, repeat, not the finger) captured remove.

Mistake # 6: 

Rushing through them as a sad law of the universe: Trying to speed up your shaving can cause nicks and cuts. When this happens, but they do not bother to keep a piece of fabric in which only five seconds remain for a long time. "Rub the flushing area and some antiperspirant," advises Engelman. "Antiperspirant containing aluminum chloride, which constrict blood vessels and coagulate a nick". You can also buy an ice cube or eye drops on the blood vessels if they constrict area and help Nick clot faster to apply. Then seal it with a balm like Elizabeth Arden Skin Protection Hight Hours Cream ($ 22), which protects the larger cuts and keeps the crust.


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