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Human ethics are disrupted by technology!!How?
Some new technologies have a significant impact on our culture. Came to a cell phone, it changed the way people interacted with each other.
But the Internet, social and applications have influenced in a strange way that confused sociologists. Here are some of the changes that startle and sometimes scare us.

We share our home with strangers

Meanwhile, as the kids, we were told, not with strangers, talk today, we found young couple with a seemingly indifferent share of their taxi Ola and Uber rides with strangers. And it seems I have no complaints.

Airbnb, rent a part of our house to strangers. Families of all women a room with rented strangers, serve with a daily income and even meals for a fee.

Not long ago, we treated someone who touched our bell with caution. But now, thanks OLX and Quikr, bizarre visit our homes and even the cafe sitting in front of our things to buy. Strangers has come a long way, thanks to the digital transformation as "confident" that people come.

Missing time for reminders

Whether a restaurant or a visit to a mountain station, people are ready to take photos on WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram to share. The truth is that the experience of the lost moment. Instead of seeing the world through our eyes, we do it through the lens. Instead of the moment with the people around us to enjoy, it seems, we are looking for indescribable happiness in a virtual world.
As a networked world

For dinner, family out, buy members lively images for social exchange stealthy looks are exchanged, but almost every week.

Silence is tortuous. The whole scene seems strange. We know more about our dina on weekends and fell less than our family friends.

The social compulsion to keep up with what is happening in line with our friends and family separates us from the actual relationships.

Phones have led to a decline in visible outdoor activities and real-world interaction of children. The culture of the room where children have access to various devices is carried out on the privatization and individualization of family life.

insane online shopping

Our consumer habits have changed a lot in recent years. While in the real world, we take the time to Flipkart, Amazon and Snapdeal to consider buying do not blink while buying goods worth thousands of rupees.

There is a big difference in the movement of users in the application and website. There is a sense of urgency that the mobile applications offered in the new process. Users spend less subject evaluation team in a lawsuit against the offline world.

We believe the tendency to think faster and less when in an application. It is easier for a user to convince with additional discounts. Flash sales and offers time is bait users to keep connected to the application.
The audience is a bit stuck here with special display and comparison. The convenience of mobile devices and the availability of 24x7 Internet has shaped new consumer habits.

Attention deficit

He is a guy have shortened our attention in the last decade, the diversity of the media is to blame. Since half the consumption of digital path news goes down, set the size of the devices difficult to read for a long time and therefore have helped permanently change our reading habits.

We scan news, do not read more. The libraries and private libraries that our landscape site have disappeared are very much stuck while iPads, Kindles and iPhones have taken.

Although these rapid changes occurring right under our noses, we are unaware of the privacy and possible risks that may soon occur personal data. The Way We Completely Diverse See our privacy line, online privacy, although the footprint we leave on social networks is permanent.

Our notions of privacy and confidentiality have undergone drastic changes.

One thing for sure, privacy in the future can also be a big problem for governments and people. We need to protect a strong need for policies and frameworks from our private and personal information, and the sooner the better.

Until then, I accept the terms and conditions in my blah application.


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