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Heart keeps streaming with squeeze from robotic sleeve

 Scientists can develop a soft-bodied robot to surround a diseased heart and gently squeeze to avoid pumping.
So far, it has only been tested on animals, to improve blood flow in swine. But these "soft" robot device mimics the natural movement of the heart beat, the strategy for the art treatments of fatal heart failure.
A team from Harvard University and Artificial Children's Hospital Boston muscles injured thin-skin silicon so that it alternately twists compressed and relax under the synchronization with cardiac tissue.
This is a totally different approach than current therapies, and finally, when detected in humans, can provide or perhaps even help in the recovery of a new alternative to heart transplants.
More than 5 million Americans and 41 million people worldwide suffer from heart failure, increasing numbers of people are aging. The left ventricle, which was damaged by a heart attack, to pump high blood pressure or other conditions progressively weaker and did not fit properly.
In severe cases, the only options, a scarce heart transplant should be taken with battery or mechanical implanted in the breast pump in the work of pumping blood. This ventricular assist devices, ventricular assist devices, to prolong life, but run through the blood machines, patients can come out with a risk of blood clots, stroke and bleeding.
This should not be a risk to the robotic sleeve.
"This is good because you go on the outside of the heart, so you do not have blood contact at all," said Harvard professor of engineering professor Conor Walsh, senior author of the study published Wednesday.
Unlike conventional rigid medical devices, it allows the focus of the robotic soft sleeve design to fit perfectly on the heart irregular surfaces. It moves thanks to artificial muscles, the developed polio concept was driven by compressed air.
As damaged sleeve components to better help improve blood and fill the heart willing to be pumped to the next heartbeat back, said Dr. Frank Pigula, cardiac surgeons while in Boston Children, Redbourn's idea to colleagues at Harvard development of soft robotics ,
The sleeve also restored normal blood flow in six pigs that had been placed in heart failure, the Walsh team reported in the journal Science Translational Medicine.
Walsh also wants to check whether the physical movement of the heart muscle is damaged - essentially practice - encourage could heal less support sleeve over time and require.


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