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Eat chocolate at least once a week, you can change your brain

Good news for your taste! According to a recent study, eating chocolate at least once a week can increase your cognitive abilities. True, you have to get permission and go eat chocolate!

In ancient times, chocolate was used as a medicine to "reduce fever, to treat childhood diarrhea, to promote strength before sexual advances, to reduce" female complaints "to increase breast milk production, promote sleep and help It's different.Learn to find out what a superfood makes chocolates for the brain.

How our cognitive chocolate skills changes

The study at the longitudinal center of Syracuse Merrill Elias studied more than 1,000 people: researchers a number of different cognitive tests on people who never or rarely eat chocolate and gave the same tests for those who ate chocolate at least once a week. People who had chocolate had better results in cognitive tests and performed simple tasks like remembering phone numbers with more regularly eaten success.

"We found that people who eat chocolate at least once a week tend to be better at performing cognitively," Elias said. "It's significant - makes a lot of cognitive domains are the main benefits of increased chocolate once a week to eat." Visual-spatial memory, working memory, scanning and tracing, abstract thinking and mini-mental state examination. "

Although research suggests that they do not know exactly what the relationship between chocolate and cognitive abilities is, know that there is something special here.

Flavonols increase brain power

What science knows about chocolate is that it is full of flavonoids. Flavonols are found naturally in cocoa, from which it is made of chocolate, and appear to have a positive effect on the brains of people having. Many studies have found that flavonols intaking the effects of age on cognitive and memory skills to reduce. In this study, 90 seniors over a period of 8 weeks and on average people ingerieron high levels of flavonoids were performed tests were added rapidly.

Another 2010 study found that flavanols increase brain power. It is believed that flavonoids, such as coffee and tea, by increasing blood flow to the brain and thus to improve their cognitive abilities.

Some chocolates are better

This is not to suggest that everyone should stop what they are doing and push throat chocolate bars. The chocolate is still full of sugar, which is currently the bane of the world's nutrients. However, now it seems that there is a good reason is occasionally to eat chocolate.

However, now it seems that there is a good reason is occasionally to eat chocolate. Dark chocolate is higher in flavanols and less sugar than milk chocolate, so safe is the best option. In most supermarkets, you can find black chocolate cocoa with up to 90%. This is almost pure chocolate! Since naturally occurring flavanols in cocoa, it stands to reason that the higher the percentage of chocolate you eat, the better for your brain.

Go buy the dark chocolate and enjoy. Merill Elias says, "I think we can say now is that you can eat small amounts of chocolate without guilt if the chocolate is not replaced by a healthy balanced diet as usual."


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