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American people will wait for the big and beautiful wall on the border..

Since he referred to it as "The Great Wall of Trump".

Of all the promises made during his insurgent presidency candidacy Donald Trump, the promise of a "beautiful big wall" along the US border with Mexico was to build, they tend to remember more voters. "It's not an end," the president-elect last week reprimanded a reporter during his press conference before the opening with a simple finger. "A wall."

In towns and cities on the border and near Canada claims that excited during her search for the White House for 17 months, said in Mexico, the billionaire of New York, in each campaign stopped on the wall. He considered it not only vital to restrain illegal immigration and the flow of drugs, but the country's hardened terrorist criminals and "God knows who else" to protect - people he said were on the southern border and many more stroke, Unchecked.

Had often varying height, ranging from 10 feet to 20 feet, and sometimes superior, depending on whether he criticizes someone seen on cable news this day, Trump, to avoid one without exaggeration, he insisted many times that the Wall "incredible" and would be "great". It hard and strong and "big, big, big." "Nobody better than walls build me, trust me," boasted the real estate mogul. "You'll be so happy."

But here in Yuma, one of the few cities along the southern border where the New York businessman triumphed over Hillary Clinton last November, a man named Robert, who voted with enthusiasm for Trump, offered a critique of the new Republican president . Lets go, it was a great time. The wall promised to build Trump is "shit," he said bluntly. "The wall will never happen."

And he has more experience in this area than most. Robert, to use his full name, rejected because of the sensitivity of his work has been working for over 10 years on the border here, dating back to a time prior to the construction of the fence, when he was, as he described, a true "limit ".


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