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Telle Connelly shows off her unusual tattoos while taking a shower with Jemma Lucy

Sunbathing in Ibiza, Telle Connelly took a moment to cool off and take a bare shower.

The former star of Geordie Shore was not afraid to show off his wealth, everything is in front of the camera, revealing his unusual tattoos from his waist all over the running leg.
He took a nude like Jemma Lucy in the shower and the couple sneezed happily under the stream.
Telle has been on the star side of reality Lucy since she experienced Jemma a Brazilian Bum uprising in Turkey earlier this month.

Days after the procedure, Jemma was discovered with bandages and painful bruises. But by Telle joining the pool this week, Star Ex On the beach was free of bandages and proudly displayed his cheerful ass.
Telle suffered non-surgical revolt in March and happily showed his well worked back. The couple could not keep to themselves as she had fun in the shower and kissed her hands together.
There is no doubt that Telle was the nerves of Jemma after border control to calm down on Monday, they pushed remain …
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Some facial masks recipes that you can try at home

The experience of relaxing with a facial mask on the skin is like no other. This is why most women you know will have at least a few different facial masks in their bathroom cabinet. The subtleties of temperature and texture excite the senses. Will the texture be smooth or gooey? Thick and rich like Carrot-Coconut NutraMoist Mask or light and refreshing like the Fresh Petals Mask?
The scents waft over you and can carry you on a sensory journey over glorious earthen clay with the Green Clay Rose Milk Mask, a fresh glint of citrus with the Radiant Orange Mask, or a soothing waft of florals with the Agave Rose Anti-Aging Mask.Enjoy the journey to beautiful skin as the treatment masks in this chapter improve your skin, visibly sucking the excess oil and toxins out of your pores
or boosting your cells with vital nutrients and moisture. Removing the mask reveals fresh skin that’s smoother, plumper, clearer, and more radiant than before. You’ll be glowing from the inside, and your skin will …

Belated Mothers Day History

Mother's Day is a holiday in honor of motherhood in different ways observed throughout the world. American Incarnation of Mother's Day was created in 1908 by Anna Jarvis and it was an official holiday in the United States in 1914. Jarvis's late marketing announces vacations and spent the latter part of his life he tried to remove it from the calendar. Although dates and festivals vary, Mother most commonly falls on the second Sunday in May and traditionally includes mothers with flowers, cards and other gifts to present.

Celebrations of mothers and motherhood for the ancient Greeks and Romans, the company back in honor of the goddess-mother Rhea and Cybele, but the clearest modern precedent for the Mother's Day is celebrated the Christian holiday is later known "mother" as .

Once an important tradition in the UK and parts of Europe, this festival fell on the fourth Sunday of Lent and was originally conceived as a time to see if the fa…

Naked women LUNA trained in a foreign protest against the new tunnel

Semmering Railway was built the first mountain railway in Europe with a standard gauge and connects the Austrian capital Vienna to Semmering to Graz and Klagenfurt.
It is the first true mountain train in the world in its belief that in difficult terrains and therefore has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.
But since 2012 he has among the mountains began to cut about half an hour by train and freight trains were driven by a locomotive instead of two in the old, steep path to allow the construction of a huge rail tunnel.

Christian Schuhboeck, founder of Alliance for Nature, was protesting against the construction of the tunnel, that the whole project "was not tested correctly and legally for natural adjustment."
He decided to use the back of attractive women for his "illusion tunnel Semmering instead of" (railway tunnel Semmering instead Delusion), since, in his view, "sex sells."

Shoe Boeck said: "The campaign served its purpose and has…

PlayBoy Birthday Girl Joanna Krupa's Hot Instagram Photos

The 37 year old girl who completes 38 on Sunday, could be in the seriously sexy clip her slim body moving on shared Instagram.

Joanna had a serious split in the post with her sex appeal dripping in a black bra and panties.
The beauty wore her blond curls in loose waves that cascaded over her shoulders and she suggested seductively to the camera as she pulls on her cell phone in the mirror.
She caption of the video: "Because on Thursday and it's a sexier birthday account until Sunday #Taurus #birthdaygirl .."

Joanna was, as expected, to quickly create an online buzz, with her millions of fans for her last absolutely crazy chance.
Someone wrote: "I love @joannakrupa super sexy," says a second: "So go sexy girls"

A third wrote: "Happy birthday is so beautiful!".

Joanna - who treated her fans for another blink of an eye earlier this month - formerly said about some of the messages you receive online, admits you no longer allows tr…

New bright nipples trend will be great this festival season

Celebrities can launch the nipple in the left, right and center, but the fashion industry has spoken and decided that our breasts should be decked out.
If you find the disco style chic retreat of the early seventies or sticky, you can not deny that the pufferfish sweeping the media trend.

Hot in the Coachella Festival heels, which ended yesterday, the ladies were exposed to the breasts in all their glory - except for a strategically placed local brightness.
If you are a create the skin color of the "upper" sparkling body tight, or spruce your chest with thick jewelry, many women have tried it with the distinct look.

But this is not the first time that shine nipples hit the scene.

Last year, Saint Laurent Binx sent Watson model to the track at almost the entire SS17 Paris Fashion Week exposed.

Feroz looked like a mini leather dress, the amazing hole in the outline of his chest, but kept the modesty with a cap of the mouthpiece heart-shaped studded with diamonds.
And of cours…

Couple Having Sex in Actual For A Designer Based Product

Designer based in New York, Zoe and Mike Eckhaus Latta, almost nude models by using successive explicit actions to showcase their spring / summer 2017 collection.
And nothing about the shooting was counterfeit, caught with real couples and dirty like cameras.
The site for the designer line shows eight couples - heterosexual and gay - having sex in white cloths.
The images were taken from Heji Shin - known to Cher and Miley Cyrus to shoot.

And while the images have been pixelated in their graphic areas, but leave nothing to the imagination.

Not surprisingly, the photos were surprising, some netizens who were shocked by the uniqueness of the campaign.

But many fans of the huge Instagram brand were supporting what they call "beautiful" images and "incredible".

The sexie

If the point of publicity is to draw attention to your company, then the fashion label Eckhaus Latta was well and truly treated. Before Friday we are never based on Mike and Zoe Lotta Eckhaus of New Y…