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The man who planted a tree and raised a family of forests::::::::::::

As Antonio Vicente bought a piece of land in the state of São Paulo and said he wanted to use it to plant a forest, people called him crazy. It was in 1973, forests were seen by many as an obstacle to progress and profit.
The then military government of Brazil encouraged the rich, extending generously subsidized to invest in modern agricultural techniques, as the generals who govern the local farmers hoped to increase.
But the water or imminent the lack of it, was Vincent's concern when he noted with concern the expansion of animals and industry, the destruction of local forests and population growth and rapid urbanization of the state.

One of the 14 children, Vicente grew up on a farm where his father worked. He had to command the owner to cut down the trees observed, grazed for use in the production of coal and more land to clean cattle. Finally the dry springs farm and never came back.
Maintenance of forests is essential for water supply because trees absorb water at their roo…
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The story behind the first anti-AIDS drug

Nowadays, if someone is diagnosed with HIV, he or she can choose from 41 medicines that can treat the disease. And there is a good chance that with the right combination, given at the right time, HIV drugs can keep levels so low that one never gets sick.
That was not always the case. It took seven years after HIV was first discovered before the first drug approved by the Food and Drug Administration of the United States approved the fight (FDA, for its acronym in English). In these early years of the epidemic anxious millions of people infected. Only a few thousand died on the hour, but public health officials competed, which the tips to maintain mortality - when people who tested positive, not treated with the inevitable result of something.

As it had turned out, its first weapon against HIV was not a new compound, scientists from scratch to develop the new, was one that was already on the shelf, but abandoned. AZT or azidothymidine, was originally developed in the 1960s by an Ameri…

Shouldn't We Remember Our Rock God The Complicated Legacy of Chuck Berry::::::::

Chuck Berry's death on the weekend at the age of 90 years has a stroke to widely recognized out as one of the most important founding figures of rock and roll man. Its place in the canon of music is undoubtedly deserving, and is likely to be sustainable.

Berry's musical heritage with another aspect of her life is linked, which is very familiar in the music industry - a history of mistreatment of women. Convicted Berry spent time in jail in the early 60's after the move of a 14-year-old girl across state lines for prostitution purposes.

While there are some doubts about whether it is a case of an overly broad law that applies in racist less ambiguous 1.2 agreement, $ 59 is paid millions of estimated women in the early 1990s after installing a hidden bathroom Ladies restaurant In Missouri accused camera.
Berry obituaries are published in recent days very different: some omit or minimize this material, while others openly contain accounts of these events. The New York Times …

Trans models: Meet the transgender woman behind one of the largest modeling agencies in the world

Modeling and fashion industries are developed without a doubt. But that does not mean that there is still much work to do.
And a special area in which he has yet to make much progress, is the representation of transsexual models.
Last year, which followed a reality TV series, the lives of transsexual models, Strut, aired in the US - and produced by Whoopi Goldberg.

In 2015, Hari Nef made waves when he played with agency IMG Worldwide and earlier this year in a campaign for L'Oreal Paris was signed.

And now there are not only one but several models agencies dedicated transgender models, one of which is a trans-models.

The agency, based in New York was in 2015 by Di Pêche, Thailand, 27 and now 19 models based on their books.

Di decided to start Trans models after struggling for more than 10 years in the fashion industry as a trans woman: "During that time, I could not find an agency to represent and denounce me to do," said Di Independent.

She was always doing odd jobs, i…

The Love Witch: A movie about the evils of desire will soon be a cult classic feminist

Elaine is a beautiful sorceress who was abandoned by her husband. She tells us that looking for a new love: he wants a manly man, someone who is fascinated by his feminine charms (Games witchy words intended), but still the strong and silent type, do not pay attention to their needs and generally, Treat it like a trophy. A special and unique wish, perhaps, but achievable. This may not seem like a movie as the premise, the reflex brought about on feminism, but the latest from Anna Biller, The Love Witch, is just that: it's weird, shocking and beautiful to boot.

Elaine (Samantha Robinson) goes in search of love, which seduces a man who knows the park to get the man by his neighbor. But even if she finds out what she wants and properly adored, sought and treated as an object, her love affairs are usually fatal. Of course "love" is not what they really want - they seem more interested in power, exploitation or revenge. As we continue on the quest, bloodshed stuff.

But, of c…

Top 10 Hot & Gorgeous Lady Politicians Of The World.......

Women are the hot topic in politics, but are they hot? Previously recorded in the primaries, Jack Nicholson a commercial for Hillary Clinton and used a quote from one of his films, in which he said: "There is nothing on earth warmer, believe me Lord, a woman to greet you have tomorrow. "With this, here are 21 of the sexiest women in the world are female. Check out some of these hot women and beautiful women. Beauty with brains.
Maria Carfagna – Italy

We started our list of the sexiest politician in the world with the Italian Minister of Equal Opportunities. Although she has been a topless model and an actress in the past, Carfagna is known as a very conservative politician to be. Also claiming an "anti-feminist" prostitution, and convicted and managed to still be criminalize!

Mara Carfagna is an Italian politician and is currently Minister of Equal Opportunities. The former TV presenter, model and TV presenter has established himself as "the most beautiful min…

Brittni was one of 12 "hottest" stars called porn. But just out of porn ... forever.

Brittni started as soon as legal pornography was shooting, at the age of 18. One day while working as a dancer at a local strip club in Santa Barbara where he was approached by two men, college, the question was whether he wanted to perform in "romance movies."

Brittni had nothing to do with the illusion that he was asked. He had begun undressing while she was still a minor, and her porn was an easy and logical next step. She agreed with the two men to LA to go a porn scene the next day to shoot.

"I did so much that day at the heart," he recalled in a video testimony. "I have to do my hair and make-up." "They said it was beautiful, a star was meant to be." "You have my adult pictures sent to an agency I was with about two years ago.

In a post-internet world, pornography of mainstream pornographic and porn stars become as Hollywood actors were so famous that ever, Brittni Porn viewed as her ticket to fame and fortune.

Your career has begun.…