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PlayBoy Birthday Girl Joanna Krupa's Hot Instagram Photos

The 37 year old girl who completes 38 on Sunday, could be in the seriously sexy clip her slim body moving on shared Instagram.

Joanna had a serious split in the post with her sex appeal dripping in a black bra and panties.
The beauty wore her blond curls in loose waves that cascaded over her shoulders and she suggested seductively to the camera as she pulls on her cell phone in the mirror.
She caption of the video: "Because on Thursday and it's a sexier birthday account until Sunday #Taurus #birthdaygirl .."

Joanna was, as expected, to quickly create an online buzz, with her millions of fans for her last absolutely crazy chance.
Someone wrote: "I love @joannakrupa super sexy," says a second: "So go sexy girls"

A third wrote: "Happy birthday is so beautiful!".

Joanna - who treated her fans for another blink of an eye earlier this month - formerly said about some of the messages you receive online, admits you no longer allows tr…
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New bright nipples trend will be great this festival season

Celebrities can launch the nipple in the left, right and center, but the fashion industry has spoken and decided that our breasts should be decked out.
If you find the disco style chic retreat of the early seventies or sticky, you can not deny that the pufferfish sweeping the media trend.

Hot in the Coachella Festival heels, which ended yesterday, the ladies were exposed to the breasts in all their glory - except for a strategically placed local brightness.
If you are a create the skin color of the "upper" sparkling body tight, or spruce your chest with thick jewelry, many women have tried it with the distinct look.

But this is not the first time that shine nipples hit the scene.

Last year, Saint Laurent Binx sent Watson model to the track at almost the entire SS17 Paris Fashion Week exposed.

Feroz looked like a mini leather dress, the amazing hole in the outline of his chest, but kept the modesty with a cap of the mouthpiece heart-shaped studded with diamonds.
And of cours…

Couple Having Sex in Actual For A Designer Based Product

Designer based in New York, Zoe and Mike Eckhaus Latta, almost nude models by using successive explicit actions to showcase their spring / summer 2017 collection.
And nothing about the shooting was counterfeit, caught with real couples and dirty like cameras.
The site for the designer line shows eight couples - heterosexual and gay - having sex in white cloths.
The images were taken from Heji Shin - known to Cher and Miley Cyrus to shoot.

And while the images have been pixelated in their graphic areas, but leave nothing to the imagination.

Not surprisingly, the photos were surprising, some netizens who were shocked by the uniqueness of the campaign.

But many fans of the huge Instagram brand were supporting what they call "beautiful" images and "incredible".

The sexie

If the point of publicity is to draw attention to your company, then the fashion label Eckhaus Latta was well and truly treated. Before Friday we are never based on Mike and Zoe Lotta Eckhaus of New Y…

Ashley James Exposed Bare Boobs On Instagram

The British model and DJ exposed the bare breasts - and the most attentive fans may even see a glimpse of his modesty - when he took off a wink of an eye instagram unbearable.
Sexy lingerie Ashley consisted of a black and white knit bra, which suspended her vast bosom.
The black lines that ran along the edges of the single breast highlighted her ample features, particularly the strip of black cloth that lay between her breasts.

And his writings were no less provocative, as bold cuts boast through the bowl.

Platinum tresses Ashley was designed as a curls, her face a palette of neutral make-up makeup.
She captioned the snap, "It's 8:00 and the sun is up and I feel good in my new @bluebellaofficial lingerie.

"(Girl, you know a new matching underwear feel to arrive and feel like Beyoncé) #Coachella #noretouching."

Praising harsh visual appearance of the star, a fan said: "Saint s ** t look great, but this is not surprising, because you always do!"

The secret wild side of Portugal: River beaches, castros, hill villages and festivals

Along the Vicen Costa to the west you can create fabulous trails passing secret beaches to be found while they can be discovered in the caves of the full Algarve sun.

The river beaches of Portugal or "fluvial beach" are one of its best kept secrets, frequented by locals, but tourists rarely.

They offer an oasis of calm and cool away from the busy city and seafront resorts, ideal for picnics, swimming, sunbathing and even skinny dipping.
The ancients knew where to put their strengths and stones. With a breathtaking view this is the ideal place for a walk, to bring a picnic dinner and watch the sun go down.
Look at what you have been doing through the treetops in the golden hour and the landscape of research like our ancestors.
Castelo de Castro Laboreiro, Viana do Castelo
The winding trail leads to a ninth-century Galician fortress in the converted Moorish castle. At sunset the last rays of lighting towers burn it dark gold.
Breathe left into the views of th…

Series 2 Versailles caused porn series BBC ORGY five strong graphic sex and naked man

The BBC revealed that the drama of the era will be later this month, and warned that they will not reduce their pornography despite a critics and public game.
Versailles followed by the French king Louis XIV, as he spends time in bed, as many women as you possibly can to fight his court to keep together for the same time.

The next series of plots gives a jump of four years in 1671, beginning with the messengers of König Ludwig an uprising, calls for more energy.
The first episode of the series has already passed two causes in France and now a revolt with an all-male five years with King Philippe's brother (played by Alexander Vlahos), the Duke of Orleans and his lover.
The latest BBC trailer caused fans warned of "corruption, darkness, temptation and murder" and wait for members of the show after there is to come the X-rated Cube material.

While the graphic content of the show must be surpassed by many others who were outraged by the explicit nature of the BBC series.


Reason Why You Should Visit Maldives Soon

Welcome to the Maldives. A beautiful island country with abundant natural beauty, turquoise waters and lush greenery. The Maldives is a popular destination for visitors to the United Arab Emirates and a great place for couples or young families to escape.
The Maldives is blessed with a tropical climate all year round and beautiful sunshine. With an average temperature of 27 degrees, it offers a perfect beach climate almost every day.


Maldives, in the Indian Ocean, along the Arabian Sea. Its neighbors are India and Sri Lanka. Malediven consists of 26 sections of the atoll. Male is the capital and most populous and is located spread in the middle of the country. The Maldives consists of 1,192 islands and most of them are home to hotels, resorts and guesthouses.

Best time

The Maldives has good weather for most of the year. The best time to visit the Maldives, however, is between November and April. Then the monsoon, which begins in May and ends in October comes. There is plenty …