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7 Incredible Facts You Should Know About The Female Condom

The female condom, which is also known as internal condom inserted a pouch lubricated in the vagina and that brings you in control of your sex life, relationship and health.

Check out the use in 7 Details on the female condom and how you can maintain a happy and comfortable sex life ...

It keeps away the sperm
The female condom holds the condom with semen and its vagina. Each condom has a flexible ring (one especially the condom in place designed to hold end) at each end, which covers the inside of the vagina or in the anus to keep the semen and pre-cum from.

It's fun for foreplay
Put on a female condom, a sensual way be to set the mood. Rubbing the inner ring around the vulva and the clitoris during the insertion process can add a little more emotion, which can also be a big change for your partner. And because female condoms are made of latex nitrile rubber (synthetic rubber), warmed to body temperature. (In addition, they are safe for use by people with latex allergy!)

It increas…
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